InstaUp APK V18.0 for Instagram Followers

Unlock Instagram’s success with the latest 2024 version of InstaUp APK, which increases engagement and boosts your presence on Instagram. Increase Instagram followers on Android; it is 100 % working.

Get ready for the user-friendly interface, use new premium features, and experience the ultimate growth in your account. Enjoy the Apollo flight of social media visibility. Get coins and gift codes for the instant organic followers app for free.

This excellent Android application helps users raise unlimited Instagram followers by giving them the Apollo flight after using coins and gift codes. This is a very helpful APK because the importance of digital media cannot be ignored in this fast-growing, busy world. Everyone wants to save time and optimize their resources.

Instagram connects people, and many users are curious to be popular among them; they wish to have a huge follower base. Growing followers is not child’s play; one has to make a lot of effort to gain visibility and popularity on any social media platform, especially Instagram.

What is Insta UP APK?

This is one of the simplest and most used APKs, providing a secure way to get followers in a limited time. As a result, your online presence has also improved. Nowadays, a grown-up social circle is vital in ensuring online visibility, ultimately giving fame and popularity.

It is not easy to enhance Instagram followers without doing anything; you have to spend a lot of resources in the form of time. This APK is your trustworthy assistant in achieving the goal of a large follower base in a short time, like its competitor app Top Follow APK.

How to Use the Instagram Up APK?

Different applications allow users to get instant followers on specific platforms. Most of these APKs provide fake followers and breach the promise of instant real followers.

This app is prominent among its competitors because it provides genuine followers, gives hearts to your posts, and leaves comments. There are many other advantages you gain when you use this app. When your posts have many hearts and comments, other people are attracted to and like them, and you will get organic fans and followers.

Information Table

App NameInsta Up APK
VersionLatest 18.0
App Size13 MB
CategorySocial APP

Benefits of this APK

There are many benefits to this Instagram Up APK that are listed below:

  1. The account’s security is essential while working on the applications, especially when using a third-party app. Developers claim that it is the most secure app.
  2. It is very easy and straightforward to use even a newbie can use this APK very easily.
  3. This app is ideal for getting followers in a short time.
  4. APK is free to use and provides fast service.
  5. One of the excellent benefits is that it is ad-free.
  6. Having a coin-based APK where collecting coins is quite simple.
  7. This app gives a genuine and authentic follower count.

Key Features of the Insta Followers APK 2024

The main features of this APK are as follows:

Increase the Instagram Following

The user of this APK can quickly increase their following with little effort. The app supports you in this regard, and with little time, you will gain many followers.

APK is Safe to Use

Even though this is a third-party application, it is safe from a data and personal privacy point of view.

Get free hearts, likes, comments, and followers

When you share a post, this APK helps give hearts to that post, and its visibility increases, which will increase the chances of getting genuine likes and comments and ultimately help to increase followers.

APK Has a Simple User Interface

This APK has a straightforward interface nearly the same as Instagram’s. This will help users efficiently use this application, and it will feel like they are not using a different one. So, operating the APK with ease ultimately helps to enhance the followers.

Download and use it for free

This is another attractive feature of this application; it is free to download and free for use. Several ways to enhance the number of IG followers can be used without investing a single penny.

How to Earn Unlimited Coins?

The coins can be earned to get real followers by two methods:

By Following the Steps in the Instagram Followers APP

To get coins in this APK, follow the below steps:

  • Login to the APK account.
  • Click the “Earn Coins” tab located on the left side of the dashboard.
  • Several options will appear, which include following other users, liking posts, watching videos, or completing surveys to earn coins.
  • Once you have collected coins, transfer them to your original account.

You Can Buy the Coins

Coins can be bought by using real money from different vendors.

How do you download this APK for Apollo Flight?

This APK can be downloaded very easily by following the below-given procedure:

  1. You need to do nothing; click the download button for Instagram download APK for Android.
  2. After a few seconds, the APK download starts.

How do you install APK to get IG Followers on Android?

Now, the installation procedure is required, which is very simple and easy.

Login with Instagram

Search and open the downloaded application, and click on the LOG IN WITH INSTAGRAM button to get started.

Instaup APK main dashboard image

Enter User Name

After that, enter the new user name of Instagram and password in the following dashboard of this APK and click the Login button.

Auto Follow or Manual

Then a new dashboard appears, and you will find two new options to collect coins: Auto Follow and Manual.

If you choose the Manual option, then click the +2 Button. Coins will start collecting.

auto follow guide image

Order Follower

When collecting a handsome number of coins, use the Order Follower option.

Order Followers guide dashboard image

After that, search for and choose your original Instagram account on which you want to transfer real followers.


Then click the Confirm and Send button to transfer the followers to the selected IG account.

Now, another dashboard appears. You must choose the Confirm Order button and then enjoy, as the followers will start appearing on the selected Instagram account.

However, there are many ways and methods to grow your Instagram followers.


On Android devices, this APK can very quickly be used by following the above-elaborated method of downloading and installing this APK.

Unlike other apps, this APK is very simple to use, with a simple interface, and gives real followers.

Yes, this is a safe and secure APK.


Instagram followers play a vital role in ensuring an online presence and direct relationship with other Instagram follower’s apps. InstaUp APK is a great way to increase the number of organic followers on the Instagram app.

This Insta Up APK can help you gain more followers. The APK helps grow your account, and ultimately, it gains a visible appearance if it is new. This app is undoubtedly outstanding at increasing real followers, and many users are already using it to grow Instagram followers.